hydraulic rolling machine / for tubes / bending
TNC King-Mazon



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    for tubes

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1. The use of hydraulic pressure of thethree main shaft and curvature gives stabilization to the machine.2. The adoption of grating ruler makescurvature adjusting scope more precise and convenient.3. Adopt touching screen and PLC electricalcontrol system with stable capability and advanced technology.4. Has auto-detecting system andauto-alarming. The screen can prompt all error information and suitablesolutions.5. Function of tacking count of theworkpiece can show processed amount at any time.6. All bending enactment data can save inPLC for ever and use it at any time.7. Possess the function of manual andautomatic operation.8. The powerful cooling system ensures the machinestable working in hot area.9. Can process varies of metal materiallike angle iron, flat steel, round pipe and other material of different section if change the groove of bending dies.10. Avoidedthe abuse of processing outsize tube and it is necessary supplement of one headand double head pipe bender.