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OTDR module for fiber optic testing
KI 6700 OTDR Kingfisher International


The Kingfisher OTDR is a mid-level handheld tool for certifying and fault finding on fiber optic cable systems. In addition to the usual functions, it has a variety of enhanced capabilities such as automatic dual wavelength testing, file save to a USB flash drive, and advanced cursor placement.

Single mode and /or multimode, up to 4 wavelengths
Large, bright colour display
Automatic live fiber / no fiber identification
Compact and rugged unit with connector cover
interchangeable optical adaptors
Rechargeable battery gives 9 hours of operation
1 meter minimum event deadzone
ORL test integrated into event table
Single mode optical light source function
Long distance options with range of up to 43 dB
Filtered out-of-band 1625 nm option
PON thru-coupler test capability
PC analysis software compatible with multiple SOR file formats
USB-B port for external devices connection
2 Year warranty


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