ISO 9060 pyranometer / for solar energy test applications / second class / voltage output
CMP3 Kipp & Zonen



  • Options:

    ISO 9060, for solar energy test applications, second class

  • Output signal:

    voltage output


The CMP 3 Series manufactured by KIPP & ZONEN is a pyranometer device that is used for measuring solar irradiances. This device has a thermopile sensor constructions wherein it measures the solar energy coming from the total solar spectrum and the full hemisphere. The thermopile sensor has the capacity to measure irradiances up to 2000 W/m² that has a response time of <18 seconds and a typical sensitivity 10 µV/W/m².

Moreover, the CMP 3 pyranometer instrument is supplied with a shortwave global and solar radiation measurement that has a spectral rate ranging from 300 up to 2800 nm. This device is generated with an operating temperature ranging from -40 ºC to up to 80 ºC. Additionally, this device is applicable for indoor and outdoor uses.