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CGR3 Kipp & Zonen

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pyrgeometer pyrgeometer - CGR3


The CGR 3 is a pyrgeometer, manufactured by Kipp & Zonen. It is used in meteorological measurements of downward atmospheric long wave radiation. This product supplies a voltage that is equivalent to the net radiation in the far infrared. The downward atmospheric long wave radiation is derived by calculation. It uses specifically constructed silicon window. The filter blocks solar radiation on the inside of solar-blind.

This product represents the exchange of radiation within the whole hemisphere due to the reference CGR 3 is calibrated outdoors with respect to a reference CG 4. It has 180° field of view.

This features its low cost pyrgeometer, an accurate routine measurements and weatherproof cable connector. The users can use this with an easy way of leveling the instrument, including two CGR 3s can form a net pyrgeometer.