CNC plasma power source / inverter / for metal cutting / for plasma cutting
PA-S45 W Kjellberg Finsterwalde


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for metal cutting, for plasma cutting, for plasma cutters

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, automated

  • Max. cutting thickness:

    Min.: 3 mm

    Max.: 45 mm

  • Cutting current:

    Min.: 45 A

    Max.: 130 A


The plasma cutting unit PA-S45 W is the allrounder of the PA-S series. It offers the right package for the majority of simple cutting tasks and covers a cutting range from 3 mm up to 45 mm. In addition to the well-proven torch PB-S45 W for air, oxygen and argon/hydrogen, the PB-S44 W with swirl gas function for air as plasma gas is also available as an alternative. This torch increases the piercing capacity and process stability for many simple applications.


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