submerged arc welding power supply / AC
W 1005 VC Kjellberg Finsterwalde



  • Technique:

    submerged arc

  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    Max.: 1,000 A


The welding transformer W 1005 VC can be used as power source for submerged-arc tandem and multi-wire welding with a sinusoidal current of up to 1000 A AC. It is ideally suited for partly and fully automated welding processes in windmill tower construction, tank facility and container construction, shipbuilding, steelwork production, in bridge building and crane construction.

Welding voltage and welding current can be adjusted in a stepless manner. The W 1005 VC is characterised by reliable ignition behaviour and a stable arc. The noise level is low even under maximum load. It is possible to switch the characteristics (CV/CC) internally or externally via software. This as well as the entire welding process can be controlled either digitally or analogously.