welding flux recovery unit
Kjellberg Finsterwalde


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All submerged-arc welding systems of the KA series made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde operate with a flux recovery system based on the injector principle. By means of compressed air, the welding flux is sucked through a nozzle and transferred through a tube to the flux tank. The suction nozzle is adapted and optimised for the respective shape of the weld. Nozzles for butt welds and fillet welds are available in different versions. The suction hose is exactly fittet on a so-called injector tube at the flux tank. The excess air collected in the flux tank escapes through the filter bag above the flux tank. The suction nozzle is situated approx. 200 mm behind the welding nozzle of the KA automat. A variable spacer guarantees the optimale distance between the suction and welding nozzles.