TIG welding torch / water-cooled / automated
InFocus Kjellberg Finsterwalde


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InFocus: Precise, reliable und reproducible

InFocus is a high-performing TIG technology. Its precision and reliability make the InFocus welding process particularly suitable for automated applications in combination with linear axles, robots and other guiding systems. Nearly all steels, non-ferrous metals or galvanized sheets can be welded in one layer with or without filler material; e.g. CrNi-steels with a material thickness of up to 10 mm.

For welding root layers of thicker sheets, the InFocus welding process offers an alternative. By using the TIG keyhole welding process, the web can be made bigger. This reduces the seam cross section and thus the number of the required layers during the subsequent submerged-arc welding. It is also not necessary to gouge the root when using the InFocus welding process for the root layer.

The InFocus torches are at the heart of this technology. Due to their highly efficient cooling, the arc is concentrated at the tip in such a strong way, so that the special arc, process and joining properties can be achieved. The patented torch construction makes a quick change of the consumables possible and ensures a defined position of the cathode tip (tool center point TCP) without additional adjustment.