ultrasonic cleaning system / semi-automatic / for industrial applications / robust
KKS Ultraschall AG



  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for industrial applications

  • Other characteristics:

    robust, for large parts


Manual cleaning system with lifting devices

The modular lift systems are robust and reliable equipment for industrial cleaning of large and heavy workpieces.

Lifting units, which are mounted on the tanks immerse automatically in the bath. A vertical movement of the goods optimizes the cleaning effect.If all lifting units are in the upper position, the baskets can be manually pushed to the next bath.

The KKS lift systems are characterized by their wide range of applications as well as by their constant power output. The systems are guarantors for superior cleaning results and flexibility.

Reliable industrial ultrasonic units:

• Leading edge ultrasonic technology
• SINGLE, DUAL and MIX frequency technology
• Maximum cleaning efficiency
• Large / heavy workpieces