etching machine / dental application / automatic / chemical
KKS Ultraschall AG



  • Technique:


  • Applications:

    dental application

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, chemical, double, single


KKS etching systems are modular constructions which can be operated manually or fully automatically. They allow to realize different process steps such as cleaning, etching, rinsing and drying in one process of machining.

Fully automatic systems are completely closed and constructed with locks at the loading and unloading station. An automatic carrier system allows both horizontal and vertical movement of goods. Equipped with servo motors and specifically controllable, the carrier unit enables non-shaking acceleration and deceleration, and thus allows a gentle treatment of parts.
All media in contact with plant components (eg tanks, valves, pipes, etc.) are built of chemical resistant polymeric materials.

Customized solutions

We plan and produce etching systems according to your specifications. You can always rely on the proven etching technique of KKS.

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