ultrasonic cleaning equipement / industrial / 2-tank / single-tank
NW KKS Ultraschall AG



  • Technology:


  • Field:


  • Other characteristics:

    2-tank, single-tank, multiple-stage, for large parts, immersion

  • Capacity:

    180 l, 260 l, 360 l, 580 l (47.6 gal)


Ultrasonic cleaning untits - type NW

Our ultrasonic tanks of the serie NW are robust and reliable units for the industrial cleaning of larger workpieces. They are characterized by their wide range of applications as well as by their high and constant power output.

For optimal cleaning of even most complex shapes, the ultrasonic transducers are mounted to the respective requirements. Moreover, it is possible to implement various process steps with multiple tanks. The ultrasonic cleaning units type KKS-NW are your guarantee for excellent cleaning results and high flexibility.

All units, of course, feature the latest KKS frequency ultrasonic technology and can be provided with SINGLE, DUAL and MIX frequency technology.

Robust cleaning systems for large parts:

• Leading edge ultrasonic technology
• SINGLE, DUAL and MIX frequency technology
• Maximum cleaning efficiency

Available on request:
• Customer specific dimensions
• Water overflow into weir
• Pump filter circuit
• Oil separator/oilskimmer
• Sliding lid/automatc lid