high-temperature proximity sensor / inductive / cylindrical / non-contact
AFO series KLASCHKA Industrieelektronik



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Other characteristics:

    non-contact, high-temperature

  • Measuring range:

    4 mm, 8 mm


Inductive high-temperature Sensors AFO/ZFN have a temperature range of up to 200 °C. A sensor is finds use in temperatures that are below +75 °C, or go up to +100 °C. It is not possible to use a conventional sensor at temperatures that are above this. The equipment uses innovative production process and state of the art components to withstand extreme temperatures.
This sensor works on the principle of separating the coil from the rest of the electronics. The coil generates the electromagnetic field and is installed in the hot zone. Other electronics such as the oscillator, evaluation electronics and output stage are placed in much cooler sections. Both the parts are connected by using a temperature resistant lead. High temperature sensors are generally not generic and are designed for specific applications.