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Single-point lubricator / electrochemical / variable-flow / automatic
NOVA series Klüber Lubrication


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    variable-flow, automatic

  • Capacity:

    130 cm³ (4.4 fl us oz)


On the Klübermatic NOVA control unit, a discharge period from 1 to 12 months can be set by push-button. The control unit will then calculate the amount of gas required for constant and reliable lubricant release over that time, taking into account the ambient temperature. Klübermatic NOVA consists of a reusable control unit, an LC unit (LC = lubricant canister) with integrated oil retention valve – filled with 130 cm3 of grease or oil – and a protection cover.
Electronic control unit with integrated temperature compensation

Simple handling
Setting of operating period matching varying temperatures automatically, hence temperature independent
Much faster start-up (within one day only) than with other electrochemical lubricant dispensers. The lubrication point is therefore supplied continuously from the start.
Reusable control unit

LCD display and push-button control

Variable discharge period from 1 to 12 months
Discharge period can be adjusted to changing requirements any time
Constant condition monitoring possible due to display function

Service temperature range from -20 to +60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)

Universal use over a wide temperature range, also under varying ambient temperatures


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