lubrication oil / synthetic / for chain / low-viscosity
HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 Klüber Lubrication



  • Function:

    for lubrication

  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for chain

  • Other characteristics:

    low-viscosity, high-temperature


Product description

HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 is a synthetic high-temperature chain oil based on a low-viscous, solvent-free and thermally stable ester oil.
Benefits for your application

Maximum machine life even at high operating temperatures due to good lubricating, spreading and wetting properties

Reduced oil consumption and fume formation due to low evaporation losses at high temperatures

Regenerates and dissolves pasty oil residues, hence less maintenance and unobstructed lubricating systems

Reduced operating costs and low current consumption of electric drives due to low friction and wear values

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