lubrication oil / synthetic / for compressors / chemical-resistant
Klüber Summit RPE series Klüber Lubrication



  • Function:

    for lubrication

  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for compressors

  • Other characteristics:



Product description

Klüber Summit RPE series is based on selected polyol esters (POE). They have been designed for use in refrigeration compressors with chlorine-free HFC refrigerants. They have excellent chemical and thermal stability as well as superior lubricity characteristics with steel and aluminium.
Benefits for your application

Good thermal stability with refrigerants R134a, R23, R404a, R407, R507 and other blends of HFC refrigerants

Excellent chemical stability

Good solubility and miscibility in refrigerant R134a

Very good flow properties at low operating temperatures ensuring good oil return and lubricity to the compressor and preventing blockage or loss of heat transfer in the evaporator

Excellent lubrication properties which help reduce wear and prevent leakage

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