lubricant paste / copper / graphite / high-temperature
WOLFRACOAT C Klüber Lubrication



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  • Material:

    copper, graphite

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High-temperature lubricating paste

Product description

Wolfracoat C is a grey high-temperature lubricating paste containing metal solid lubricant pigments (e.g. copper, graphite). Wolfracoat C counteracts excessive friction, wear and seizing at lubricating points subject to high loads. Wolfracoat C forms a thermally stable lubricating film. At temperatures above 200 °C, the solid lubricants remain in the friction points and protect against tribocorrosion and fretting of e.g. fits up to 1200 °C.
Benefits for your application

Easier assembly and disassembly of power-locking connections

Reliable lubrication under mixed-friction and high-load conditions owing to ageing-resistant solid lubricants