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Internal cylindrical grinding machine / external cylindrical / CNC
max. ø 600 mm | LIDKÖPING SUU 600 KMT Precision Grinding


  • Type:

    internal cylindrical, external cylindrical

  • Control type:



Machine Concept

The same basic machine can be configured for Internal or External grinding operations.

Slides system

Two tower mounted hydrostatic slides. The slides are linear motor driven, repeatability accuracy 0.05 μm.

NC Dressing

Various types of dressers:
- Single point diamond dresser
- Diamond disc dresser
- Radius sweep dresser

Grinding spindles

A wide range of high-frequency spindles are available. Grinding wheel peripheral surface speeds up to 80 m/s. The grinding wheel is balanced automatically.

Work head spindle

The work head spindle is hydrostatic and driven by a torque motor. It can swivel 0 – 30 degrees for various grinding applications. For easy and ergonomic access during change-over, the work head swivels out 90 degrees.

Gauging method

In-process 2-finger electronic gauging head (internal grinding)
In-process 1-finger electronic gauging head (external grinding)


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