Screw pump / self-priming / for wastewater / cooling
KTS series KNOLL


  • Type:

    screw, self-priming

  • Media:

    for wastewater

  • Applications:

    cooling, high-pressure


Screw spindle pump KTS

For over 18 years KNOLL KTS screw pumps have been a great success and have been the number one worldwide in the field of cooling lubricants. Over 80,000 of these self-priming positive-displacement pumps for lubricating and abrasive media are already on the market. The KTS is characterised by innovative technology, long service life and resistance to wear. It is ideally suited to delivering cooling lubricants (oils, emulsions, aqueous solutions) for high-pressure applications on machine tools. A typical example is cooling, lubrication and chip transportation for tools with an internal cooling-lubricant feed for drilling and milling. The KTS is also used in grinding applications.


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