printed circuit board microphone / MEMS / miniature / digital
SPH0645LM4H-B Knowles Electronics, LLC



  • Applications:

    for printed circuit boards

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, digital


Knowles is committed to advancing audio technology and enabling differentiated performance. Our proven performance in acoustics and sub-miniature audio solutions uniquely positions us to develop superior solutions. These technologies can be applied to mobile devices, wearables, smart home automation and security systems, remote controllers, automotive and more. Our latest audio solution includes an I²S digital MEMS microphone that connects directly to an application processor providing a more efficient architecture and increase battery performance.
I²S Digital MEMS Microphone
In response to the growth of smaller, more efficient devices, Knowles developed the most advanced Inter-IC Sound, or I²S, interface MEMS microphone for wearables, smartphones, remote controllers, automotive, and smart appliances.Using this I²S interface, the bottom port digital MEMS microphone allows manufacturers to connect directly to an application processors or microcontrollers. The result is a more efficient architecture due to decreased complexity, increased battery performance, and a lower cost bill of material. As a result, Knowles’ solution is superior in size and power consumption, with a 25 percent smaller footprint and 50 percent lower current consumption than competitive products.The new technology easily integrates with existing mobile device architecture and simplifies system integration through a direct connection to signal processors.

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