surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / automatic
HFS B VC, Advance Serie Knuth Machine Tools



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for metal sheets

  • Control type:

    CNC, automatic

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:


  • X travel:

    2230, 1140

  • Y travel:

    850, 540

  • Spindle speed:


  • Distance between centers:

    800, 590


Maximum grinding precision for large and heavy parts

VC Model
• VC models feature an automatic vertical feed, whereby the operator can preselect the depth and quantity
• grinding wheel idle feeds can be motorized - a true time-saver
• The rigid, wide work table moves only on one axis - this design allows for an extra-long table guideway on a very wide machine base, ensuring perfect load distribution at both travel end positions.
• V-guides and boxways are counter-laminated with Turcite B, ensuring smooth table movement at any load.
• Column moves in the Z axis on hand-scraped, counter-laminated V-guides and boxways, ensuring total elimination of any stick-slip effect.
• The grinding spindle moves only vertically - this design ensures 100% exact grinding wheel feed with maximum angular precision across the entire work area.
• Hydraulic linear table movement is infinitely variable, very constant, and ensures soft directional changes
• The stand-alone hydraulic unit is easy to maintain and mechanically and thermally separated from the main machine frame to ensure the most constant working conditions possible
• The grinding spindle is large sized, dynamically balanced, completely sealed and permanently lubricated

Advance Model
• Advance models feature an electronic PLC and a touchscreen display for easy programming of grinding cycles
• An electronic hand-wheel allows for easy set-up and manual axis movement on Advance models
• In automatic mode, the operator-defined feeds, spark-out strokes and homing motions are automatically processed, and upon completion coolant supply, spindle and feed are stopped