signal amplifier / switching / isolation / digital
KFD-2, KFA-6 KOBOLD Messring GmbH



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:

    switching, isolation

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, isolated

  • Voltage:

    24 V, 230 V

  • Current:

    Min.: 20 mA

    Max.: 23 mA

  • Power:

    1 W

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 45 Hz

    Max.: 65 Hz


The isolation switching amplifier transmits digital signals from hazardous areas. Sensors according to NAMUR or mechanical contacts may be used as signal transmitters. The control circuit is monitored for line interruption (LB) and line short-circuit (LK).

The input is safely isolated from the output and mains according to DIN EN 50 020. Output and mains are isolated from each other according to IEC 661140. The device is fitted with detachable terminals that greatly simplify the installation.

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