Variable-area flow meter / viscosity-compensated / for air / in-line
VKM KOBOLD Messring GmbH


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    for air

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The model VKM belongs to KOBOLD's lineup of viscosity compensated flow meters and switches that is fitted with a spring equipped float, which slides in a cylindrical designed measuring tube and has a crucial orifice wich is regarded as unique. This features and other design features have made it possible for the very first time to produce a flow meter and switch that completely compensates for viscosity and to a substantial level for density even with extremely minimal flows.

The float of these flow meters is appointed with a permanent magnet that actuates potential free bistable reed contact mounted out-side the flow hence guaranteeing her-metic separation between the electrical contact system and the medium. Adding to this, the contact is integrated withing a height adjustable plastic to avoid damage to the contacts by aggressive temperatures or mechanical action.


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