Viscosity compensated variable-area flow meter
8 - 80 l/min | VKM KOBOLD Messring GmbH

Viscosity-Compensated Flow Meters and Switches Model VKM :

The KOBOLD flow meters and switches model VKM have a
spring-loaded float, which slides within a cylindrical measu-
ring tube and has an integral orifice which is believed to be
This and other design features means that it has for
the first time become possible to create a flow meter and
switch which fully compensates for viscosity and to a large
extent for density even with very low flows. The float of
these patented devices contains a permanent magnet which
actuates a potential free bistable reed contact mounted out-
side the flow thus ensuring her-metic separation between the
medium and the electrical contact system. The contact is
embedded within a height-adjustable plastic housing to
prevent damage to the contacts by mechanical action or
aggressive atmospheres.


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