vacuum dosing feeder / rotary / conveying / compact
612D Koch-Technik, Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH



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Type 612D – Compact conveyor with rotary blade cleaning for a material throughput up to 60 kg/h

The suction vacuum creates a powerful collector fan in the conveyor hood. The hood with blower can be opened for maintenance and the device itself can be swivelled laterally on the intermediate hoppers made of cast aluminium – without disassembly or tools.

The conveying and cleaning times and a fault message in case of material shortage can be set in the integrated control unit.

Whether you convey virgin material, ground material or powder – our compact conveyors ensure a dust-free operation.

The sucked material/air mixture is separated and the air is cleaned by a polyester fleece filter. The filter retains all particles larger than 2 μm. By comparison: a human hair has a thickness of about 50 μm, i.e. 0.05 mm.

After each conveying cycle, the filter cartridge is blown out by a rotor and cleaned of dust.