AC servo-drive / programmable
AKD® BASIC Programmable Drive Kollmorgen Europe GmbH


  • AC/DC:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    24 A, 12 A, 6 A, 3 A

  • Output power:

    16000 W (21.46 hp), 8000 W (10.73 hp), 4000 W (5.36 hp), 2000 W (2.68 hp), 1100 W (1.48 hp)


The AKD® BASIC Series provides all the performance features of our AKD Series, along with built-in machine and motion control that can be programmed in BASIC using Kollmorgen’s integrated development environment. With control functions on the drive itself, there’s no need for a separate PLC—reducing design time, wiring requirements and panel space while enabling more complex processes and higher performance.


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