AC servo-amplifier / multi-axis / servo-driven / decentralized
AKD-N Decentralized Servo Drives Kollmorgen Europe GmbH



  • AC/DC:


  • Number of axes:


  • Other characteristics:

    servo-driven, decentralized

  • Current:

    6, 3

  • Output power:



The decentralized drive system consists of a central power supply and robust IP67 rated servo drives, which are placed nearby the motor. The system offers everything that is needed for the next generation of machine design - and removes everything that hinders the simplicity. Power supply as well as safety and fieldbus communication are combined in one single hybrid cable of only 11mm diameter. On the motor side there is also only one cable needed for power, brake control and feedback. Altogether leads to cable savings in the machine of more than 80%.
The drives cover a power range up to 4 kW. Safe Torque Off as grouped or single control are part of the standard equipment. Tertiary EtherCAT output and local STO are available as options.