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Thanks to their low weight and minimal size and the relatively large adjustment path for the tool, the new generation of KOMET KomTronic« U-axis systems already represents the latest level of development. With a modular system, we are now offering a new supplemental direct encoder. In comparison with the normal indirect encoder, this offers significantly improved repeat accuracy, which also characterises the mechatronic tool systems by KOMET« as state-of-the-art products.

The mechatronic KOMET KomTronic« U-axis systems essentially consist of a compact facing head with single slide that is driven by a servo motor and threaded spindle. The power and data are transmitted contact-fee and inductively to the U axis head via a segment-shaped stator that is fitted to the spindle. This transmission occurs independently from the spindle speed. The mechatronic U-axis systems are therefore automatically exchangeable NC axes. The movement of the steel blade is interpolated with the Z axis. This enables contour machining and longitudinal turning on parts that are not rotationally symmetrical. Through the combined use of customised snap-on tools and optimally selected indexable inserts, it is possible to machine contours in bores as well as external contours. The mechatronic tool systems enable a significant shortening of production times, better surface quality, and improved dimensional accuracy. In addition, fewer different tools are required and there


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