thermal cleaning machine / water / automatic / process
Kompo North America Inc.



  • Technology:

    thermal, water

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    process, for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    rotary drum, spray, with rinsing



The washing machine is designed for automatic washing of standard hanging smoking sticks that usually get extremely dirty during thermal processing of meat products. The washing machine comes on adjustable feet or as option it is available on wheels for easy move.


The intensive washing of sticks in preheated detergent up to 85 ° C occurs in a rotary drum. Washing time is set up by an operator depending on the degree of contamination. Filling and draining of water within the washing process is carried out automatically by a controller installed in the electric unit. A dosage of detergent is determined manually by an operator. After washing sticks with the washing solution, rinsing stage comes to wash off the detergent from hanging sticks. When washing and rinsing is finished, the washing machine beeps to indicate that it is ready to be opened and loaded again.