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Rubber-tired gantry crane / for containers / steel
ARTG series Konecranes


  • Mobility:


  • Applications:

    for containers

  • Other characteristics:


  • Working height:

    18100 mm


The Konecranes Automated RTG (ARTG) system has been introduced to the container handling industry. It has a unique ability to tolerate rough yard surfaces, having been built around the market-leading 16-wheel RTG. Included in the system is a Remote Operating Station with a specially developed GUI, a complete package of truck guidance infrastructure, and an IT system which interfaces with the Terminal Operating System (TOS).

The Konecranes 16-wheel RTG is particularly useful in applications relating to automation. It is able to handle numerous surface variations inherent in RTG container yards due to its Active Load Control system and intelligent steel structure. These also enable it to cope with the variations that are inherent when a crane of such a size runs on rubber tires.


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