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color viewing booth / LED
Konica Minolta


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    color viewing

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In the Graphic Arts Industry an exact colour reproduction between a proof or an original sample such as textiles, plastic parts, lacquered parts, automotive interiors etc. and a print is essential to fulfill the growing requirements of quality control while reducing costs. Besides the quality control with measuring devices the visual control of the achieved colour match is an important requirement. The biggest influence on visual colour assessment comes from the illumination. An incorrect illumination leads to the wrong results and therefore to complaints and increasing costs in the production process.

Being able to program light colours measured anywhere with a light measuring device offers ideal conditions for colour decisions under standardized but also special lighting conditions. Not only can metameric effects be recognized in time but all possible colour inconstancy effects for all kind of lighting conditions can be simulated.

JUST Normlicht has developed for the first time a LED light source that fulfils the high requirements for colour assessment of all industries were colour is crucial. To control the LED properties to the requirements JUST Normlicht has developed a complex multilevel calibration procedure that calibrates each single LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the unit’s electronic controls. This process is unique and therefore has a patent filed for by JUST Normlicht.