COM Express computer-on-module / Intel® Celeron® / Intel® Core™ i series / dual-core
COMe-bSC# Kontron



  • Form factor:

    COM Express

  • Processor:

    Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Core™ i series, dual-core, quad-core, 2nd generation Intel® Core™

  • Ports:

    DDR3 SDRAM, Ethernet


In 2011, Intel® introduced its first quad core CPU suitable for the COM Express® platform. With the quad-core CPU Core™ i7-2715QE and the dual-core CPUs Core™ i3/i5/i7, COM Express® reaches ground-breaking performance values: both for CPU and GPU rankings. With various CPUs COMe-bSC# serves your individual performance needs, starting with a 1.1 GHz version Celeron® 847E.Kontron’s COMe-bSC# is available as COM Express® basic form factor (125x95mm) for Pin-out Type 2 (COMe-bSC2) and Pin-out Type 6 (COMe-bSC6).