ETX computer-on-module / AMD® G-Series / DDR3 SDRAM / Ethernet
ETX®-OH Kontron



  • Form factor:


  • Processor:

    AMD® G-Series

  • Ports:

    DDR3 SDRAM, Ethernet


AMD G-Series technology for ETX 3.0

Integrated GPU with high graphic performance
DisplayPort and 18/24 bit Dual-LVDS
Up to 4 GB DDR3
Full ETX 3.0 compatibility especially with ISA
Kontron’s ETX®-OH extends availabiltiy and reliability of the established form factor ETX®. It is a successor product for existing ETX® designs. ETX®-OH raises your investment protection for your ETX® designs.

This Computer-on-Module is populated with AMD’s Fusion technology and brings new graphic performance for userfriendly interfaces or HD video onto your designs.