COM Express computer-on-module / Intel® Celeron® / Intel® Core™ i series / SATA
COMe-cBL6 Kontron



  • Form factor:

    COM Express

  • Processor:

    Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Core™ i series

  • Ports:

    SATA, PCI Express, USB 2.0, Ethernet, DDR3 SDRAM

  • Other characteristics:

    embedded, fanless, rugged


Kontron is extending the usage model of the 5th generation Intel® Core® processor technology to compact and rugged fanless options with the launch of the Kontron COMe-cBL6 COM Express® compact Computer-on-Modules. The new modules in the compact form factor (95 x 95 mm) are equipped with the ULT versions of the 5th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 & Celeron® processor, formerly codenamed ‘Broadwell-U’ . ULT stands for ultra-low TDP which limits the power consumption of these new Computer-on-Modules down to options that are tailored for fanless and fully enclosed system designs. The modules also cater for the most robust and maintenance-free system designs in the high performance class of embedded systems, and consequently help engineers to reduce the systems’ bill of materials as well as the customers’ total cost of ownership.