ATX motherboard / VIA Eden / Intel® / industrial
ETX® Eval Kontron



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    VIA Eden

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ETX® Evaluation board
Offers standard PC environment
Reference Design and prototype plattform
Integrated Debug Port

The ETX® Eval is an ATX motherboard, which fulfills all user requirements. Additionally to the typical interfaces like IDE, FDD, parallel and two serial ports, the board offers a RJ45 Ethernet and two additional USB ports. Common used receptacles make it easy to connect speakers or microphones directly. The motherboard is expandable via four PCI and three ISA slots and is equipped with both ATX and BabyAT power connectors. This allows the usage of nearly every available power supply. As a special feature, the board offers a standardized FFC connector for LVDS panels. A custom cable adaptation for LVDS displays is not neccessary, simple “plug and work“.