FlexATX motherboard / quad-core / dual-core / Intel® Core™ i series
KTQ77/FLEX Kontron



  • Format:


  • Processor:

    quad-core, dual-core, Intel® Core™ i series, 3rd generation Intel® Core™

  • Chipset:

    Intel Q77

  • Memory:


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KTQ77/FLEX embedded & longterm available Flex-ATX Motherboard

3rd Generation Intel® i7-,i5,-i3 2Core and 4Core CPUs
Long term available embedded FLEX-ATX motherboard (up to 7 years after release)
High CPU and graphics performance
Up to 32 GB DDR3 RAM
6 x SATA, 4 x USB 3.0 & 10x USB 2.0, 3 x GbE-LAN with incl. Intel® AMT 8.0
2 x Display Port for flexible, high resolution display drive
3 independent display support
mSATA interface for compact SSD storage
Multi purpose KT Feature Connector
Gen 3.0 PCIe x16 & PCIe x4 & 2 x PCI 32bits/33MHz

Based on the latest Intel® 3rd generation chipset, the Kontron KTQ77/FLEX embedded motherboard with long-term availability offer an ideal performance-per-watt ratio and the very latest interface technology, like gen 3.0 PCI Express x16, without neglecting embedded designers’ needs: They still carry, for example, 6x SATA interfaces (4x SATA150/300 and 2x SATA600) w. RAID 0/1/5/10 support alongside the 4x USB 3.0 & 10x USB 2.0 interfaces. The state of the art graphics performance is supported by 2 x Display Port & 1 x CRT interface., and offers the usage of 3 independent displays. An unique multipurpose KT Feature Connector supports up to 160 GPIO’s. The embedded motherboards also offer more PCB layers than conventional motherboards designed for the consumer market, in order to achieve excellent signal qualities and optimize electromagnetic compatibility. Kontron’s new embedded motherboard also support Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT 8.0) for remote management and easy maintenance resulting in higher system availability and lower total costs.

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