VME single-board computer / Intel® Core i7 / dual-core / SATA
VM6050 Kontron



  • Form factor:


  • Processor:

    Intel® Core i7, dual-core

  • Extension slot:


  • Other characteristics:

    6U, rugged


6U VME High Performance Intel® Core™ i7 Computer

High processing capacities
Outstanding performance in VME format with SSE 4.2 CPU instruction set
Exceptional I/O Versatility
Build the solution fitting your program requirements: XMC, PMC and VITA 57 FMC support, Digital Graphics, Virtex 5 FPGA, SATA disk onboard
Commercial and Rugged versions
Designed for the most demanding applications
Extended Life Cycle
Adapted long term support program to your application life cycle
The VM6050 is built around Intel®’s state of-the-art Core™ i7 dual-core processor. The VM6050 provides exceptional I/O capabilities onboard and outstanding flexibility by providing support for both PMC, XMC and FMC mezzanine cards. The VM6050’s VME interface helps customers preserve their investment in legacy VME equipment.