mini-ITX motherboard / quad-core / dual-core / 2nd generation Intel® Core™
KTQM67/mITX Kontron



  • Format:


  • Processor:

    quad-core, dual-core, 2nd generation Intel® Core™, Intel® Core™ i series

  • Chipset:

    Intel QM67

  • Memory:


  • Applications:



From the makers of top quality innovations comes this newest technology to hit the market,the Kontron KTQM67/mITX embedded motherboard delivers optimum performance with its utilization of the latest interface technology, gen 2.0 PCI Express x16.It is also integrated with 6 x SATA (incl. 2 x SATA III) interfaces alongside the 14 USB 2.0 interfaces. The embedded motherboards are up to par with other competitive similar products in the market today with its PCB layers to achieve excellent signal qualities and optimize electromagnetic compatibility. Each component of Kontron KTQM67/mITX are quality tested to get the stamp of approval from Approval Companies.

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