24 ports Ethernet switch card / gigabit Ethernet / industrial
VX3905 Kontron



  • Number of ports:

    24 ports

  • Network:

    gigabit Ethernet

  • Applications:



The Kontron 3U VPX PCI Express and Ethernet hybrid switch VX3905 can be used in conjunction with a centralized backplane for the optimization of high bandwidth.

The VX3905 is designed with up to 24 Ports and features 32 lane PCI Express Gen 1 / Gen 2 switching. It includes 9 port gigabit Ethernet switching capability for the control plane.

These features allow the VX3905 to increase I/O bandwidth between computing boards by tenfold for high performance embedded computer applications when compared to VME.

The VX3905 is at the forefront for new applications that use data processing platforms for sonar, radar and general image processing. Comes available in two versions; air-cooled model (0°C to +55°C), or the more rugged conduction-cooled model (-40°C to + 85°C).