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802.11n/b/g, WEP/WPA/WPA2, QoS, IP65 Korenix Technology


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JetWave 2450 is a high bandwidth outdoor 802.11 wireless access point with high performance for reliable enhanced wireless network construction. It is ideal for harsh environments. With up to 150 MBPs data rate connection by high throughput 802.11 technologies, it offers a cost effective solution and allows extending wireless coverage of up to 5Km with reduced roaming between stable data transmission and APs.

The wireless clients can deploy the device flexibly for specific long distance line-of-sight applications due to the dual antenna design. The devices can be deployed for extended transmission by overlaying multiple radio signals. By combining advanced management and security features to the rugged IP65 design with an operating temperature range of 20~70oC, the device becomes an ideal solution for reliable data transmission in harsh environments.

The key features of the device include - IEEE 802.11n wireless outdoor solution and compatible with 802.11b/g, 3 times higher throughput than 802.11b/g, net data rate of up to 150MBPs.


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