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oxidation furnace / bell / electric / horizontal
200 series Koyo Thermos Systems



  • Function:


  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, laboratory, for the electronics industry


From small experiments and researches (R&D) to mass-production, the furnaces can be designed to meet users’ needs.
The horizontal furnaces can be used for solar battery and photovoltaic power system (PV) production as well as silicon wafers.
From experimental usage to mass production, various equipment configuration is available
Batch:25 to 150 wafers processing is available
1 to 4 stacks furnace configuration is implemented for taking advantage of limited square available
2 to 8 inch and 300mm wafer size are available
LGO heater for Low and medium high temperature, HGC heater for high temperature are provided for excellent temperature performance
Proposing equipment configuration according to the customer’s needs based on usage, space, and budget
Simple and well equipped control system