Transfer gear pump
4 - 24 cm³/r, max. 50 bar | KF 1/4...KF 1/24 KRACHT

The central element in numerous technical processes is the metering of liquids. PU components, plasticisers, resins, adhesives, lacquers and paints are just a few of the important liquids with a broad application spectrum.

The accuracy, uniformity and reproducibility with which these liquids can be processed is also decisive for the quality of the final product. Ideal for these applications is the KRACHT gear pump KF1/4…KF1/24 coated. The KF1/4…KF1/24 coated are external gear pumps with a discharge volume of 4 cm3/r to 24 cm3/r. All gear parts and bearing bushes are protected against wear and corrosion by means of a special coating, so that also filled media up to a certain particle size and hardness of the fillers can be pumped.

Guide values in this respect are a maximum particle size of 30 μm and a Mohs hardness of 6. The double rotary shaft seals enable operation with sealing liquid (quench) to prevent hardening or crystallising of the pumped medium. On request the KF 1/4…KF1/24 coated can be supplied with a magnetic drive.


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