Paint pump
1.5 l/min, 97.5 bar | EOS 15-C25 KREMLIN REXSON


  • Fluid:



New Kremlin Rexson paint pump EOS range is true performance accelerator for AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun.The stainless construction of the EOS pump allows it to handle the paints developed in the last generation, without any inconvenience.
It facilitates optimization, efficiency and simplicity.
Simple maintenance in addition to reliability and performance is ensured by component quality and innovative design.
It also ensures safe color changes and easy cleaning, while using minimum solvents.
Ownership cost has been reduced to the minimum.
Smooth start up even under low air pressure is ensured, because of the new air motor design.
It also allows precisely controlled output of the fluid, with extremely low air consumption and no pulsation on the gun.
They are available in the wall mounted versions with an air control panel.
To fit the customer needs, large variety of choices of accessories like cart, suction rods, product filter, tripod, etc are available.


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