Epoxy prepreg system
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Prepregs "PRE-imPREGnated sheet materials" are fibrous materials impregnated with reactive resin materials. Prepregs are the ideal starting material for lightweight yet high-strength constructional parts thanks to the diverse ways of processing these further.

Characteristically, the prepreg resins are in the still very reactive B stage, are of medium to high viscosity and can thus be processed without any problems by supplying energy and moulding to shape at the same time. The low-molecular and still fusible resins are transformed here to a high-molecular non-fusible C state. The KREMPEL prepreg systems are based on multifunctional, specially modified epoxy resins and a curing which although latent at room temperature, is a highly reactive system at higher temperatures. Structural components having very good mechanical properties can be fabricated with glass, carbon and aramide fibres.

This is a controlled process and we can adjust the resin system exactly to the conditions required for further processing.


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