oil leak monitor / gas / for industry / for pipes
PipePatrol KROHNE Messtechnik



  • Detected fluid:

    oil, gas

  • Applications:

    for industry, for pipes, for pipelines


PipePatrol is a leading edge system for pipeline leak detection and localisation in pipelines. It is the most sensitive internal leak detection system available, providing accurate leak information for a high degree of safety. PipePatrol combines the Real Time Transient Model with a patented Leak Pattern Recognition module to create an Extended Real Time Transient Model. Its multi method leak detection enables oil and gas pipeline management under both steady and transient pipeline conditions. This way, the LDS is able to reliably distinguish between real leaks and imbalance deviations caused by linefill changes or separation units.

PipePatrol not only involves the necessary hardware and modular software suite. It also comprises the whole project management from consultation to instrumentation, integration, service and support of the LDS.