Membrane ultra-filtration unit
Hydronomic KRONES

Water of the highest quality is the basis for the production of many beverages and foodstuffs. Water is not only a constituent part of the product but it is also usually required in the production processes. And only the intended purpose determines all the measures surrounding the treatment of the available water.
The wise and economical use of this valuable raw material is becoming ever more important as well. Naturally economic aspects also play an essential role in all your strategies concerning the use of water in the production of your product.

Krones, with its Hydronomic water treatment systems, offers an extensive programme for the purposeful treatment of your untreated water. For us, purposeful means that the individual untreated water quality in each separate case forms the basis for the configuration of the system. Due to the highest quality standard in the production of the water treatment modules you receive durable and long-lasting technology which guarantees efficient and reliable operation.


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