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wastewater pump / slurry / electric / centrifugal with volute



  • Media:

    for wastewater, slurry

  • Operation:


  • Type:

    centrifugal with volute

  • Domain:

    for the chemical industry, for the petrochemical industry, for the food and beverage industry

  • Other characteristics:

    dry, single-stage, cast iron, horizontal mount, close-coupled, lubricated, vertical, ATEX, handling, sewage, transport, mixing, treatment

  • Flow:

    Min.: 4 m³/h (141.2587 ft³/h)

    Max.: 330 m³/h (11,653.84 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    10 bar (145.038 psi)

  • Head:

    Min.: 2 m (6'06")

    Max.: 100 m (328'01")

  • Power:

    22 kW (29.91 hp)


The KWP-Bloc is a volute casing pump that is equipped with different impellers, non-clogging, open multi-vane, and free-flow. Capable of being installed horizontally, this single-stage pump is designed with a closecoupled structure made to ATEX.
It is ideal for applications related to waste water management. It has pulps up to 5% bone dry and a maximum density of 1.1 kg/dm3.

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