visualization software / CAD / engineering / configuration
Spectrum Kubotek



  • Function:

    visualization, CAD, engineering, configuration

  • Type:

    3D, collaborative

  • Other characteristics:



Kubotek Spectrum is low cost, professional-grade CAD viewer software for reviewing 3D models and drawings.
Manufacturing, sales, support, and service departments easily view CAD files. No CAD software is required.
Two versions of Kubotek Spectrum CAD Viewer are available
Spectrum reads the latest versions of the most commonly used engineering CAD programs such as AutoCAD™, SolidWorks™, and Pro/E™, UG NX, CATIA 4, CATIA 5 (Optional), IGES, STEP and many others.
spectrum Lite is the free version for reading Kubotek CAD formats such as KeyCreator and CADKEY.
What can Kubotek Spectrum do for you?

Measure any size, distance, area or volume (solids)
Modify display using standard pan, zoom, rotate, and render functions
Rotate display to stored view orientations
Verify entity attributes and positions
Hide levels(layers) and parts
Split the document window into 2-4 separate viewports
Open multiple files at the same time
Print or plot to all Windows supported devices
Create custom print setup configurations
Create custom configuration of toolbars and shortcut keys
Export to Adobe PDF, TIFF, HPGL/2, HOOPS Metafile, HTML, and others