articulated robot / 6-axis / loading / unloading
KR 30-4 KS-F KUKA Roboter GmbH



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Function:

    loading, unloading

  • Other characteristics:

    shelf, for injection molding machines

  • Field:


  • Payload:

    30 kg (66.139 lb)

  • Reach:

    2,233 mm

  • Repeatability:

    0.06 mm


The KR 30-4 KS-F series of special industrial robots from KUKA may only be mounted on a shelf. It offers an expanded work environment with applications that concern the downward direction. The robot is also smaller than the K-Type, but is ideal for injection molder loading and unloading. Cycles are also faster when tending to machines due to a lower height and a longer reach.