O-ring seal / stainless steel / aluminum / bronze
FMH-50A Kurt J Lesker



  • Type:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, aluminum, bronze

  • .application:

    compression, fitting, shafts, rod



1/4" shaft versions house two ball bearings that support the shaft of the o-ring seal for the smooth, low-torque operation usually found only in expensive motion feedthroughs
Bronze bushings support the shaft on the 3/8" and 1/2" shaft versions
A pre-loaded fluorocarbon o-ring seals the shaft, making over- or under-compression by inexperienced operators impossible
Seal allows dismantling in seconds and without tools, enabling operator to replace or re-grease the o-ring easily from the atmosphere side
Feedthroughs offer non-continuous manual or motor-driven operation at speeds up to 500 rpm
Aluminum or stainless steel casings
Use barrel adapters to mate larger shaft diameters
Feedthrough uses a 1" baseplate fitting to mount to a standard 1" feedthrough port
NOTE: Vacuum seals for moving shafts are best run discontinuously and infrequently. Since the elastomers in o-ring seals are dynamic—rubber presses against a moving metal surface—they are susceptible to leaks and should be used for rough and high-vacuum conditions only.