multi-channel data acquisition module / benchtop / USB
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Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt Manufacturing's new USB modular building blocks for SPC data collection and control provide solutions for simple plug and run to very complex applications. These modules allow easy mixing and matching of module capabilities to readily fit a specific application without complicated hardware and costly wiring. Modules can be added for expanded capability at any time.

Ranging from quick and easy real-time SPC data collection to sophisticated machine control applications the KurtUSB system offers the following choices:

Digital Module - Allows digital gages such as Mitutoyo hand tools to be interfaced to provide fast and accurate data collection.
LVDT or Analog Module - For LVDT and/or Analog interface applications, add either one of these KurtUSB modules.
DC I/O Module - Choose this module for applications requiring push buttons, proximity sensors, valves, photo-eyes or many other monitoring/controlling processes.
USB Module - For complex applications requiring LVDT or Analog interface, SPC, machine communication/control and closed loop automation, mix and match the KurtUSB modules to find a simple solution that fits your needs.
Depending on the module selected, these Kurt building blocks allow the user to collect data from virtually any gage hardware. The KurtUSB modules allow process control including automation control, CNC communication and automatic data collection. With KurtSPC software, the USB modules provide centralized data storage options and allow viewing real time status of shop floor systems from the user's office computer while providing historical data analysis.